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UZ-2011/40 Universal ballistic breech


UZ-2011/40 test gun operation is based on a single-action manually operated weapon principle. The test gun UZ-2011/40 is designed for shooting of 40 mm cartridges. The gun can be fitted into Prototypa firing rests STZA. For shooting at longer distances there is the base with elevation mechanism. Triggering is provided through Remote fire control box. Firing (initialization of the cartridge primer) is provided by firing pin including linear hammer accelerated by electromagnet.

Technical parameters

Caliber 40 mm
Cartridge 40 x 46 mm LV, 40 x 53 mm HV
Length (barrel and elevation mechanism included) 750 mm
Width 280 mm
Height 335 mm
Base dimension 480 x 280 x 15 mm
Total mass 47 kg
Barrel mass 4 kg
Operating temperature rate -25 ° to +40 °C
Input voltage 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Output voltage (for electromagnet triggering) DC 18-38 V

Elevation range

0° - 45° (step 5°)