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STZA 11 Recoil system


STZA-11 Recoil system is appointed for working site the job of which is the testing by using of ballistic gauges and cartridges. The STZA-11 Recoil system is appointed for clamping of Ballistic breech BB-20, Universal Ballistic Breech UZ-2010 or UZ-2002 together with the ballistic barrel up to calibre 20 mm. STZA-11 Recoil system allows shoot of ammunition which gives 100 kJ of muzzle energy

Technical parameters

Height 133 mm
Length 1188 mm
Width 280 mm
Mass 70 kg
Max. force of recoil springs 5240 N
Max. Recoil stroke 150 mm
Clamping strip pitch 230 mm
Clamping strip length 900 mm