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Recoil 2 Measuring system


  • system for measuring motion (distance, velocity) different visible parts of the weapon during function,
  • optical method – parts of weapon are not affect by this measuring method,
  • using high speed camera,
  • it is possible to determine motion and recoil of the weapon in shooter's hands or in special fixture
  • software is suitable for measuring absolute, drift and relative motion, for each of them is evaluated a trajectory and velocity in time.

Technical parameters

  • automatic track of 8 points,
  • accuracy up to to 0.1 mm, in dependancy on the focal length of the used lense, camera detector and object distance,
  • velocity up to 1000 m.s-1 – depends on HS camera,
  • recommended rate of camera – at least 2500 fps,
  • minimal size of the point for measurement is 10 pixel,
  • application for Windows 2000 and upper, CPU 2,0 GHz, RAM 2GB.

Next possibilities

  • compatible with tif, bmp, jpg images format and with AVI noncompressed video format,
  • calibration is made in first image by choosing calibration points,
  • selecting range from all capture frames,
  • there are two points for stabilization of the measurement,
  • user can enter required units for evaluation.

Measuring system consists

  • Software for evaluating Motion measurement,
  • high speed camera with necessary equipments (lights, flash lamp, tripod, lens etc.) suitable for this measurement and also for other analysis of the ballistics and weapons problem.

Additional equipment for measuring

  • special stand for measuring recoil of the weapons based on STZA firing rest,
  • special trigger unit PTU-1 for camera triggering,
  • flash detector.