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PST-1 Primer sensitivity tester


PST-1 Primer Sensitivity Tester with the measuring stand is a multifunctional device designed for testing small arms ammunition primers within the meaning of Manuals of Proof and Inspection Procedures for NATO ammunition (e.g. AC/225(LG/3-SG/1)D8, AC/225(PanelIIISP. 1)D/170) etc.).

Primers are tested in appropriate cartridge cases (primed cases gained by disassembling of cartridges).

Technical parameters

Height2060 mm
Length 890 mm
Width760 mm
H range 0 ... 945 mm
Total weight 155 kg
Height measurement accuracy ± 0,07 mm

Standard fixture heads for calibers

45 Auto
7,62 x 39
7,62 x 51
7,62 x 54R
12,7 x 99