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LS-04 Double intelligent light gates


  • measurement of velocity and rate of fire
  • optical scanning of passage of projectile
  • integrated evaluation unit equipped with WLAN communication module, Ethernet and RS 232 interface
  • data presentation on standard PC (Desktop, Notebook)
  • evaluation software suitable for Windows and Linux
  • immediate display of velocity and rate of fire values
  • presentation of statistically processes values (minimum, maximum, average)
  • calculation of drop velocity
  • graphic presentation of time behaviour of values
  • optional addition of a mobile wireless terminal with touch sensitive screen

Technical parameters

Range of velocity measured20 to 2000 m·s-1
Range of rate of fire measured (theoretically up to 20 000 min-1) 60 to 3000 min-1
Range of projectile caliber4,5 to 20 mm
Area observed triangular0,4 m2
Basis1 m, 2 m optional
InterfaceWLAN, 10/100 Ethernet, RS 232