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DRS-1 M24 Doppler radar system


PROTOTYPA DRS-1 M24 Doppler Radar System is intended for the measurement of a bullet velocity. DRS-1 M24 is convenient device for STANAG 2920 and AEP-55 velocity measurement.

The basic component of the DRS-1 M24 system is a microwave Doppler radar head, which allows continuous measurement of the bullet velocity along its flight trajectory. The radar signal is acquired and processed by advanced DSP algorithms. The results of processing are curves that represent dependencies of the velocity and acceleration on the time or on the distance. The results are graphically displayed on the screen of standard personal computer.

Main features of DRS-1 M24

  • User friendly BMS software. Operator is only checking measured data.
  • Continuous measurement capability.
  • Measurement could be performed remotely from a safe place where is low risk of hitting of the equipment.
  • System is designed as a compact, easily portable with components on robust tripod.
  • Ethernet or wireless communication to the operating site – significantly facilitates its use in outdoor.
  • Software can compensate a cosine error.
  • Possibility of in-bore measurement of bullet velocity with microwave mirror.
  • Possibility of Action Time measurement with accelerometer or insulated firing pin.
  • DRS-1 can be triggered by one of three options:
    • FD01M Flash detector
    • AT01 Acoustic sensor
    • LS01T Optical light gate trigger

Technical parameters of DRS-1 M24

Calibre range 2 – 240 mm
Velocity range 30 – 2000 m/s
Velocity resolution 0.1 m/s
Velocity accuracy 0.1 %
Frequency 24.15±0.05 GHz
Communication interface 10/100 Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Protection IP 63
Operating temperature -10°C - +50°C

Measuring distances of DRS-1 M24

2gr RCC 10 m
Bullet 5,56 mm 50 m
Bullet 7,62 mm 80 m
Bullet 9 mm 100 m
Bullet 12,7 mm 150 m
Mortar 120 mm 100 m
Grenade 155 mm 300 m
Rocket RPG-7 250 m